Multi-service Access Node TDM / IP - AM3440-A-CHPAa

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The Loop-AM3440-A product is Access DCS-MUX which supports multiplexing of various digital access interfaces into E1 or T1 lines for convenient transport and switching. The Loop-AM3440-A Access DCS-MUX provides access for a variety of TDM, packet, and voice interfaces detailed on the next page. These interfaces are compatible with other Loop products. The AM3440-A can act as a mini DACS: one or more of the WAN ports can be used as a Drop & Insert function with fractional E1/T1 lines, which can be muxed into a full E1/T1 line.

The AM3440 controller module provides full non- blocking Nx64K cross-connect matrix up to 2048 DS0. System redundancy is available in dual controller and power modules, making it an excellent fit for critical applications. With Loop-AM3440-CCPB-8GEHSWa controller module, it supports both MPLS-TP* and Carrier Ethernet functions as Packet Transport Network. In addition to the native Ethernet transport, the AM3440 can be used as the gateway of PDH into the PSN network using circuit emulation technologies. The TDM encapsulation technologies supported are TDMoE, TDMoIP, and TDMoMPLS*. In parallel, the Circuit Emulation supported are CESoPSN (Nx64K) and SAToP (Unframed E1/T1).

While 1+1 link protection is available for E1, T1, and TDMoEA* modules, path protection for end-to-end Nx64K circuit protection is available for 3E1/T1.

The AM3440-A supports local control and diagnostics by using a VT-100 terminal connected to the console port. It supports Ethernet, Telnet, and SNMP, so that it can be controlled and diagnosed from remote ends. An in-band management channel with GUI is available as well.

Loop-AM3440-A has a number of plug-in slots in regular size and mini size. (Card size to slot compatibility is detailed on the next page.) Most of the plug-in cards have LED indications.

The AM3440-A consists of a rugged reinforced aluminum chassis, giving this equipment a durable structure and a long-lasting physical life.

  • System Capacity
    • Full frontal access (ETSI) Shelf, with 4 x mini slots and 
      12 x single slots for TDM N x 64K plug-in modules
    • DACS (Digital Access Cross-Connect System) with full non-blocking nx64K (2048 x 2048 DS0) cross-connect support Dual controller, dual power with load sharing 
    • Up to 8 x GE SFP on AM3440-CCPB-8GEHSWa controller module, up to 16 x GE SFP with dual controllers
    • Slot 1 and Slot 2 support TDM N x 64K plug-in modules and 8GEAa* high speed tributary module
  • Management
    • Console, Telnet, Web GUI and Inband management support SNMP v.1 and v.3
    • Compatible to a SNMP based GUI network management system and supported by Loop iNET and Loop iNMS
    • Supports RADIUS authentication
  • MPLS-TP*
    • MPLS Transport Profile per RFC-5921
    • Any Ethernet port can be configured as NNI (MPLS port) or UNI (Ethernet service port)
    • Static MPLS LSP label provisioning via NMS
    • Pseudo Wire (PW) to support
      • Ethernet Pseudo Wire(VPWS, VPLS, H-VPLS)
      • PDH Pseudo Wire End-2-End Emulation (SAToMPLS,CESoMPLS)
      • Section/LSP/PW TP-OAM using BFD (Per IEEE 8113.2)
    • MPLS-TP QoS
      • 64K Granularity Rate Limit Per Flow
      • Ingress/Egress TC/EXP Class Mapping
      • TC/EXP Priority-based Queuing (8 Queues)
      • Tunnel Traffic Engineering CIR/PIR and CBS/PBS Policing/Shaping
      • PW Traffic Engineering CIR/PIR and CBS/PBS Policing/Shaping
      • WRED(Weighted random early detection)
      • Strictly Priority / WRR
  • Carrier Ethernet (CE)
    • L2 Switching/Bridging
    • RSTP/MSTP (IEEE 802.1w/1s)
    • VLAN 1Q 802.1q/ Q in Q8 802.1ad
    • VLAN Operation: Stack/Switch/Strip
    • Link Aggregation (802.3ad): Static/LACP
  • Ethernet Services
    • E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree services as defined by MEF 9 and 14 and using VPWS/VPLS*
    • Native Ethernet packets supported
    • Encapsulation: PW/LSP (MPLS-TP)*, VLAN tagging (1Q), VLAN double tagging (Q-in-Q)
  • L3 Routing*
    • Static Route
    • RIPv1 and RIPv2
    • OSPFv2 and OSPFv3
  • VPLS*
    • VPLS bridging
    • H-VPLS bridging
    • 32K MAC addresses
    • 2K VPLS instances per device
    • Split horizon to prevent forwarding loops
  • Network Protections
    • MPLS-TP*
      • MPLS LSP 1+1/1:1
      • Dual-homing PW Protection*
      • LSP E2E protection switching within sub 50ms
    • CE
      • ERPS Ring (G.8032) Protection
      • ELPS (G.8031) Linear Protection
    • E1/T1/TDMoEA* 1+1 protection
    • DS0 Level Nx64K circuit protection
    • PDH ring protection, QE1/QT1, FOM, Mini QE1/QT1
  • PWE3 Services
    • Ethernet over CE*
      • Port-based and VLAN-based services
      • EPL, EVPL, EPLAN, EVPLAN, E-Tree services as defined by the MEF 9&14
      • Encapsulation: VLAN 802.1Q/802.1ad Q in Q
    • Ethernet over MPLS*
      • Port-based and VLAN-based services
      • VPWS, VPLS, H-VPLS services as defined by the MEF 9 and 14
      • Encapsulation: PW over MPLS-TP 
    • PDH over MPLS*/CE/IP
      • Framed E1/T1:CESoPSN, and MEF8 for emulation of TDM circuits 
      • Unframed E1/T1: SAToP PW
      • PDH Clock Recovery: ACR/DCR/System Clock per PW configurable

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